COVID-19 Update: The safety and well-being of our community is our foremost concern. ART remains open and committed to helping Just 1 More. We are adapting our programs to reduce exposure and transmission of coronavirus.
Please call us for the most up-to-date information on our services and programs: 859-385-5017

In House Services

Peer Support Specialist

A Peer Support Specialist (PSS) is a person with “lived experience” who has been trained to support those struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Peers promote hope through positive self-disclosure. PSS are the foundation of ART and are found at every level of our organization.
ART offers PSS Walk-In Services Mon – Fri 9:30AM – 5:30PM or by appointment.

Recovery Coaching

A Recovery Coach works with peers to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. They create two-year Individualized Recovery Plans for each client seeking recovery. Coaches provide guidance, mentorship, and help so clients can overcome barriers.

Support Groups

Find the support you need to thrive in recovery. We host a variety of support groups that approach recovery in different ways.

Current Support Groups

Life Skills

ART offers workshops to help get you back on track with life. We work with your schedule, holding workshops both day and night. Topics include cooking, budgeting, and job skills. We work with various community partners to run these courses. If your organization would like to partner with us, please give us a call.

Family Support

Are you family to someone with a Substance Use Disorder? ART has resources for you, too. We have family specific support groups and general information on Substance Use Disorder. In addition, we can explain the options you have to get your loved one into treatment.

Community Outreach

Wherever we are, we want to reach Just 1 More person. At the hospital, homes, syringe exchange, or out on the streets, ART will help anyone find the resources they need to get into recovery. We help connect you to residential treatment, MOUD, IOP, counseling, transportation, clothing, housing, etc. Our goal is to meet the people where they are in order to help when they are ready.

Quick Response Team (QRT)

Our QRT responds to calls from Clark Regional Medical Center when substance use is suspected in any capacity. A Peer Support Specialist will speak to individuals about resources and recovery. To date, we have a 65% success rate of getting individuals into some type of treatment program. The team also visits individuals who have called for emergency assistance for an overdose.

  • On-call 24/7 in all areas of Clark Regional Medical Center when substance use is suspected.
  • Conduct home visits for those who have called for emergency assistance in regards to an overdose.
  • Distribute Narcan to inmates that are released from local detention centers.

Harm Reduction Program

PSS are available at the Clark County Health Department’s Harm Reduction Syringe Exchange Program (HRSEP) every Friday 12pm – 4pm. We offer resources, Narcan, and hygiene kits for all participants. At these and other outreach moments, ART helps individuals find recovery resources including residential treatment, MOUD, IOP, counseling, transportation, and more.

First Day Forward

Our Peer Support Professionals pair with incarcerated individuals with Substance Use Disorder. Together, they create an individualised pre- and post-release case plan. The plan is implemented during their time in jail and continues upon release.
The PSP helps them obtain IDs, medical cards, and more, while keeping them focused on the solution instead of the problem.

The First Day Forward program gives incarcerated individuals a chance to be on level ground when they get out. People who complete First Day Forward leave the jail with a $50 gift card, a plan of what to do next, a ride to treatment if they need it, and a Peer Support Professional to help them in the next part of their journeys.

Youth Mentorship

Our Peer Support Professional are going through youth specific training and developing a youth mentorship program for Clark County. We are working with various community partners, including the Phoenix Academy and GRC High School, to support and heal kids and teens experiencing Substance Use Disorder themselves or in their families.

Transport to Detox and Rehab Treatments

Finding a ride shouldn’t be a barrier to recovery. We help our peers with safe and reliable transportation to medical detox, residential treatment, Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD), intensive outpatient services, and Behavioral Health appointments.

Referrals to Community Partners

The path to recovery looks different for everyone. There are many local and national organizations ready to help you along the way. We work with many of these organizations and can give you a head start in choosing the right ones. We will connect you and your family to medical treatment facilities, counseling, community assistance, and more.